At Randori Partners, we offer four main areas of consulting expertise.
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Your organization needs capable leaders at all levels - we can help you get them up to speed. We screen out management theories and concepts that look good in a book, but are difficult to implement. Instead, we offer best in class management tools and practical techniques, so your leaders can quickly expand their skills to get results.

Take a look at the selection of our leadership development programs:

Executive Coaching: To reach their full potential, leaders must engage in a continual process of learning and development, which requires a planned process of self-assessment, planning and goal setting, and developing new capabilities for leadership. When accomplished, the leader and the organization can establish the competitive advantage necessary to achieve business goals.

Core Management Skills Program: An intensive program that develops critical skills in managing, coaching, team problem solving, and communicating, using mini-lecture, feedback profiles, case studies, application discussions, and practice simulations.

Skill Focus Programs: Single topic, skill-building sessions focusing on topics such as:
Communication skills
Meetings management
Conflict resolution
Managing change
Decision making & problem solving
Performance management
Project management

At Randori Partners we know that TEAM means more than everyone wearing the same t-shirt. Successful teams have skilled leaders, clear objectives, committed players, and produce quality results.

Strategic business goals accomplished by a highly tuned team produce results that are creative, fast, and beyond customer expectations. Keeping your business environment poised to meet the fast changing needs of the marketplace with new and creative solutions requires that your people know how to work efficiently together.

Building High Performance Teams: This program accelerates the time it takes for a team to begin working together. During this program, the team can establish all of the specialized resources to get the work done, learn and practice collaborative work styles, develop ways to short-circuit conflict, and create efficient communication methods to expedite the work. This service has been highly praised by teams who are coming together for the first time to accomplish a significant strategic component of their businesses.

Randori Partners believe that effective communications:

Must support business objectives and therefore helps build the bottom line.
Requires that managers at all levels learn and apply communication practices.
Respects your employees as a primary audience.
Are coordinated, consistent and well planned, not simply a reaction to events.
Are honest and direct, even when the news is bad.
Surfaces resistance and differing opinions so that they can be addressed.
Should be systematically evaluated and revised.

To enhance your organization's communications capabilities, choose from our consulting services:

Communication Skills for Managers: Alignment and internalization of key leadership messages throughout an organization is essential. Too often in fast moving businesses, leadership messages can be diluted or diffused as they move down the organization. The messages are then open to differing interpretations, which can lead to misalignment of goals and missed targets. This one-day program is filled with proven, practical tools and techniques geared for all levels of managers who may be new to the corporation or new to their role. Managers will learn about and discuss the importance of:
Using effective communication as a critical management tool.
Matching the message with the audience.
Choosing the appropriate communication vehicle.
Listening as a critical art form.

Communications Planning: We work with the CEO and key executives to craft strategic messages for the internal audience. We help the leadership determine the best methods and timing for communicating the message. Careful attention is applied to multi-location companies, and companies with subsidiary organizations and alliance partners.

Creating Extraordinary Meetings: Randori Partners know how to create extraordinary meetings - the kind that people say was "well worth the time and travel." We are expert designers of compelling agendas which we expertly facilitate.

We're different. Our professional backgrounds include many years working as HR managers. We understand your unique role and the demands that HR professionals face daily.

Business Partnering Skills for HR Generalists: Transitioning from an HR technical expert to a sought after and valued business partner with line managers requires an additional set of competencies. We offer a training program, combined with individual coaching, that builds new capabilities.

Partnering with HR Generalists on Client Projects: For higher stake projects or when on-the-job-mentoring is important, we can team with HR professionals to work with their internal clients.

Train-the-Trainer Programs: Specific skills in teambuilding, performance management, leadership training, or executive coaching can be offered to internal HR professionals to expand their skill repertoire with their clients.

"You are different than other consultants. I could quickly tell that you've lived in my shoes--you get the HR world."
- HR Manager, Technology company

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